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关于 / 参观俄亥俄州蒂芬市



午餐得名于 爱德华。吃午饭, the first 政府ernor of Ohio, and grew up around the original Fort Ball site. 它是…的县城 塞内加县.

Tiffin has long been known for its history and architecture. St Paul’s United Methodist Church in Tiffin is the first public building in the world to be wired for electricity during its construction in 1884. Thomas Edison heard about the builder’s daring, forward thinking and presented them with a beautiful brass chandelier which lights the church today.

The city of Tiffin was the first in Ohio to have an electric power plant and only the third in the country. At one time Tiffin was noted as a glass and porcelain manufacturing center. 今天, Tiffin glass is a favorite of collectors and is displayed in Tiffin’s Glass Museum, glass shows and fine homes across the country.


Tiffin is located between Toledo, 克利夫兰和哥伦布, accessed by major highways from all directions and surrounded by rural communities. The city has a total area of 6.6英里的风景 桑达斯基河 flowing through the center of town. The 塞内加县 Airport is just at the edge of town. Amtrack and four major airports are well within driving distance. The city is served by cabs as well as a senior and national bus line.

Tiffin’s population was 17,828 as of the 2012. Tiffin is often referred to as “The Education Community” with two universities and numerous trade, technical and vocational schools. It is also served by city schools, a charter and a Roman Catholic high school. Weekday Religious Education has been offered to the city’s elementary and middle schools since 1940.

Tiffin supports its many city parks, 县博物馆, 图书馆, 县集市, 节日, 家居及花园游, 音乐会, 游行等等. It is home to a shopping center, mall and downtown businesses, industrial park and a flea market. Numerous sports, cultural and social events are held every week in Tiffin.


满足米娅, who introduces us to the City of Tiffin and all it has to offer – great parks, 一个圆形剧场, downtown shops and big box stores and of course, 最好的披萨, wings and ice cream in Ohio.

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